A Tale of Tails and Teenagers (Part 4): Safe Passage

In three hours the kittens have their passports and two weeks later they make safe passage by car to their new adoptive family. Meanwhile, waiting times of over a year for unaccompanied minors for safe and legal passage means they risk returning to the unofficial camps to cross in lorries and on boats. Those who do not qualify for family reunification are left with no other option as the Dubs Amendment commitment has not been met, and is now closed.

A Tale of Tails and Teenagers (Part 1): Accommodation

I met Hemin and Ameda, two unaccompanied minors from Kurdistan Iraq living in Dunkirk, around the same time two abandoned kittens were found in the Calais ‘Jungles’. Four months later it was the kittens I was scrambling to get legal passage to safety and saying goodbye to Hemin, Ameda and too many other young people stuck in northern France. Part one of this story focuses on accommodation. [Feature photo credit: Andreas Beissel]

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