i witness child migration is a collection of first hand accounts sharing the experiences of children and young people who are travelling alone through Europe, seeking refuge. 

The aim is to highlight the reality of their access to accommodation, health care, education and child protection from people there to support them on the ground across Europe.

We hope this will be useful for anyone wanting to understand these realities and take action to support individuals and advocate for system change. 

To contribute blog posts, to discuss issues or to share feedback please contact us. We really want to hear from you!

Want to collaborate? 

Get in touch with us now if you’ve witnessed child migration and you’ve got an experience you’d like us to share.

Email us: iwitnesschildmigration@gmail.com

Principles of working together 

  • You create what you want, when you want to! 
  • It could be a blog article, a painting, an interview, photographs, a performance –  really anything that we can show online.

Our practical support offer

  • We can meet (in person, over the phone and/or online) to discuss your ideas and how you want us to support your process.
  • We can support you with the writing process to ensure that the issues you want to raise are really clear. We always send edited writing back to you with tracked changes for you to approve.
  • We wait for you to say when you’re ready for the piece to go online.

Our ethical principles 

  • We stand against the global social and economic structures – and the local tragedies they cause – that have forced people to leave their homes. We strive to act in opposition to all of them, seeking to build better ways of living with the people and world around us.
  • We will only show pictures of people’s faces if they’re over 18 years old and have given their full informed consent for the photo to be taken and shared on our blog, and have the ability to ask us to take it down at any time if they want to.
  • We always want to give credit to anybody who’s work is on the blog, like photographers.
  • We won’t share any information that could be used to identify any minors.
  • If you are 18 or under and want to share something, you can create your own alias so that you can share this with anyone you want but no-one can find it without your permission.
  • We want to show people in our blog as honestly as possible, without editorialising too much. So we try to include direct quotes where we can, and when it’s appropriate we ask them for permission to share parts of their story.


  • We’re actually in the process of working out loads of interesting questions about what words we use when we talk about people, why we use them, what happens when we use them, and what would happen if we consciously tried to use different words.
  • Get in touch with us if you’ve got any thoughts about this!
  • For now, we might sometimes change some of your wording if we’re not sure about it, it doesn’t mean we have any set ideas or anything yet.
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